The Wow Factor of the Samsung 85″ Ultra HD Television.

Recently, I received an email from a client, asking me to create a system with a Wow! factor.   I had already specified a 75″ Samsung Ultra HD television for his project, but he wanted a system that would just blow him away.  An avid collector of movies, I knew he had a large collection and a discerning eye.   He also wanted a larger TV.   We glanced at lower priced options but after reading the professional reviews on the Samsung UN85S9  I decided that the limited edition Samsung was the UltraHD television that I was going to recommend.    I knew that it was going to deliver an experience that was second to none.  Granted it was expensive, but he asked for the best. The Samsung 85″ was clearly the best.   We paired it with the Sonance Soundbar, a Denon Receiver, ProControl Remote and a Sunfire subwoofer for a truly breathtaking Home Theater Experience.

Here’s a peek at the final installation,  without a size reference  it’s a little difficult to tell how really big and how magnificent the picture is on this amazing UltraHDTV.



Nick Fury on the Samsung 85" HDTV





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