Apple TV 2016 is it better?

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New Version.

New Remote.

More Processing power.

More memory.

But really, is it better?

Now that we have installed a few of them here are my opinions.

The good: 

I like the new uncluttered interface of the 2016 Apple TV.  I also like the screen saver.  I have a mixed review of the new remote. The touchpad is nice but if it gets cold it acts weird and if it gets lost in a couch and any pressure will cause it to fastforward until you find the remote.  Siri works okay,  but not for entering passwords or even searching specific items.   Mirroring on the new device and wifi are both exceptional.   It’s great to use the airplay feature.


The bad:

The setup of all the apps HBOGO, Showtimeanytime are still tedious and time consuming.   I can’t understand why apple didn’t put this login info in one place for all of the apps.   The apps have to be “purchased” (most are free).  A reset may be required if the device or app gets stuck, but it’s a simple (unplug replug fix).


All in all we still recommend the Apple TV over a blue ray for streaming.  Once setup the apps seem to work well and the device stays up to date.  The new processor and wifi improves streaming.  Lastly the simplicity and magic of Airplay, sending photos and videos from your iphone or mac works really well and the clients love it.




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