LED Explained: Basics

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Who knew that just selecting  lighting  would be such a difficult task?  

There are 3 Level of LED Upgrades:

  1. Retrofit Bulbs
  2. LED fixtures some are retrofittable and some require changing the light cans.
  3. Premium LED fixtures that have premium drivers for best longevity(10 years), Best color rendering 95+ CRI and best dimming down to 1%.  Premium LED Fixtures also have light shaping to highlight your art and walls.


It used to be selecting a bulb was as simple as picking the right type of bulb and wattage.  That was it.  In 2016 with the advent of new technology we have LED lighting.

Why LED Lighting?:

  1. Significantly lower wattage use.
    1. a 50 Watt equivalent is only 7 watts! That’s  85% less power!!
    2. Less wattage means less Heat!  If you have a kitchen with eight 50 watt bulbs that generates 400 watt of heat, your AC needs to work much harder to cool the room.
    3. Longevity LED lighting is designed to last 50,000 hours as compared to 800 hours for some halogen lights.

Let us help you choose the perfect lighting for your project, we can even demo the LED lighting in your own home. Call Off the Wall AV today  at 504-835-7677 for an in-home consultation.

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