LED Lighting Explained: Color

Color options?


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  1. Wait what?  I thought light was light. That’s just not the case today.  LED’s not only offer different colors of light, but the QUALITY  of that color!   LED’s range from the incandescent equivalent Warm(2700K) to cool (5000K)  (fluorescent equivalent)
  2. The CRI or Color Rendering Index is also very important in choosing a LED. Variances in the CRI can create a light that appears blue or inconsistency in color between bulbs.  Color rendering can be 80 CRI or less which is poor to 90+ CRI which is best.

LED Lighting color is a significant choice.  Too Cool and the room doesn’t feel warm and inviting, more like a work space. Warm is the preference of most of my clients and designers because it is what  we have all grew up with.

Let us help you choose the perfect lighting for your project, we can even demo the LED lighting in your own home. Call Off the Wall AV today  at 504-835-7677 for an in-home consultation.

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